Lesser Known beaches of Barbados

The matchless natural beauty, the pristine and far-stretched beaches, lip-smacking local cuisine, rich history, fulfilled culture, great architecture and everything else make Barbados a place that is ideal for spending a holiday. The island country is amongst a very few countries in America that still enjoy the British influence in its roots. It is also the most beautiful island in the Caribbean and North America. While going for a vacation there, you should choose houses for rent in Barbados to enjoy your vacation while having a feel of staying at home.

Among everything that Barbados possesses, one thing that it is famously known for is its beaches. There are many beaches in Barbados that make the country a paradise for the beach lovers and most of the lists that talk about the top attractions of the country include a great number of beaches.  While a few enjoy tourist in large numbers and throughout the year, there are beaches that hardly see tourists even in peak season. This is not because they do not possess the quality of being called the perfect beach, but they are lesser known and the popularity of other beaches overlook these.

Today, we are compiling a list of such lesser-known beaches in Barbados that are beautiful in every aspect and you must explore them.

Walker’s Beach

One of the lesser known beaches is Walker’s Beach which is located on the northeastern corner of the island country, Barbados. The beach, most of the times, is defined as windswept beach and here the waves crash on the sands. You can actually visualize the view as it is not very common. There is a long pond which is a great place to watch birds and certainly a paradise for the birdwatchers. You can also take a swim in this beach. The landscape covering the beach is covered with native plants and many of them you won’t probably see elsewhere. The beach is less known so it stays less crowded giving the small number of tourists enough time to bask in the silence and beauty. If you are visiting it with your partner then make sure to take a long walk along the shores.

Foul Bay

Talking about another lesser known beaches then mentioning Foul Bay is a must. The entire beach is covered with trees’ shade and the beach is an ideal spot for having a small picnic for locals and tourists alike. This is one of the very few beaches that is more famous for spending time on the shore than indulging in any sports activities. The reason being that though the water seems calm most of the times, an unpredictable large and rough wave can occur anytime. So, it is better to stay off the shore. Though the beach is least famous, one can find a lot of facilities to avail.

Ginger Bay

Ginger Bay is often regarded as the alternate option to the Crane Beach which is an important and famous beach of Barbados. The only difference between these two beaches is that Ginger Bay often stay deprived of tourists and is secluded. Talking in terms of beauty, then no, it doesn’t lack behind anywhere. There is one private spot where visitors can spot different shapes and types of fossils that covers an entire area of sand. The beach is located just behind the famous and the oldest hotel in Barbados, The Carne Hotel. The entire beach is covered in limestone cliffs and follows a charming row of palm which is a sight rare to find.

North Pole

The name itself suggests that location of the beach. The North Pole is located on the northern tip of the island country and is one of the most soothing and charming beaches. Though the beach stays hidden and deserted most of the times, the beauty will charm you. The reason for being a deserted spot is a condemned hotel project that still takes place in the back from the edge of the beach. But the beach was not always deserted like the present time and once it used to be one of the most popular ones in the country and that was because of the military base that was located nearby. It can be said that hidden gem better stays hidden so that often a few people can enjoy the peaceful sight of beaches.

Drill hall

Drill Hall is otherwise called as the Brandon’s Beach. Don’t confuse with the one that is located in Bridgetown as it is the different one. The beach is located on the Southern Coast and it is near to the Hilton Hotel. The beach often stays empty and the entire sight of the beach is dominated by the large rocks. The presence of large rocks creates many small pools where you can relax. It is also an ideal spot for the surfer to take surfing.

These are just a few names in the list of lesser-known beaches in Barbados and there are more like Bottom Bay, Paradise Beach, Cattlewash, and others. One can say that it is more like a blessing that despite being one of the most famous tourist spots in the world and welcoming millions of tourists every year, there are still a few beaches that are breathing in tranquillity and peace. These beaches can be your ideal place to rest when you are tired of seeing people everywhere and really need your me time.

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